No Credit Check Christmas Loan Promotion

2021 Xmas No Credit Check Loan Promotion
Member referral promotion

When Can I Apply?

Applications will be accepted between November 1st, 2021 and December 10th, 2021.

How Much Can I Get?

Qualified first time borrowers with St Francis FCU, can be approved up to $500.00.

Qualified applicants with previous loans with St Francis FCU, can be approved up to $1,000.00.

Will My Credit History Be Considered?

We will not pull your credit report to consider you application; however, other criteria will be kept into consideration such as, but not limited to, history with St Francis FCU, employment status and length, and public records.

Who Can Apply?

Potential borrowers must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • at least 1 (one) year consecutive employment with BSMH in the Greenville market
  • at least 25+ hours regular worked time weekly

Exclusions: PRN employees, temporary employees and employees on FMLA are not eligible.

What Do I Need To Provide To Apply?

You will need fill out the No Credit Check Christmas Loan application (see link below) in its entirety, provide your most recent BSMH paystub (PDF) and deposit $20.00 cash into your savings account with St Francis FCU (this will cover the NON-refundable loan application fee, see below). 

What If I Don’t Have An Account With St Francis FCU?

As long as you are an employee of BSMH and you never caused a loss to St Francis FCU, you are eligible to open an account with us. You can apply for this loan, as soon as your membership account is open, no waiting period.

You can find what is needed to join and our Membership Application here

Are There Any Application Fees?

Yes, a $20.00 NON-refundable loan application fee applies. This fee will be taken after your loan application will be reviewed. Please make sure to leave the funds on deposit in your savings account until a credit union employee posts the fee.

What Will My Interest Rate Be?

Because we do not use your credit score, there is a flat 18.00% APR for all qualified applicants.

What Will My Payment Be?

All approved No Credit Check Christmas Loans will require a bi-weekly payment of $50.00 regardless of the amount approved.

Can I Owe On Two (2) “No Credit Check” Loans Simultaneously?

No, if you currently have a balance owed on a “no credit check” loan, we will use the proceeds from this loan to payoff the other outstanding loan and we will deposit the remaining amount into your account at St Francis FCU.

How Long Will It Take To Receive The Funds If Approved?

We will contact you via phone or email at the contact you provided on the application to set up a closing appointment, if approved. If denied, you will receive an Adverse Action notice in the mail. 

Due to the high demand of this loan, please allow up to three (3) weeks from the date of your completed application to process.

No Credit Check Christmas Loan Application

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