Membership Referral Promotion

Member referral  promotion
Member referral promotion

Referral Coupon

Membership Referral Promotions valid between 08/01/2021 and 12/31/2021

You can earn up to $85.00 per new referred member. See below for details.

$10.00 when the person you referred does the following with St Francis FCU: opens a membership account, opens a checking (share drafts) account, starts direct deposit/payroll deduction for at least $50.00 per pay period into the checking, performs at least 10 debit card transactions within 60 days from opening the membership account.

$25.00 when the person you referred does the following with St Francis FCU: opens a membership account, receives their first closed-end with credit check loan within 30 days from opening the membership account. Mortgage loans are excluded (see incentive below). 

$50.00 when the person you referred does the following with St Francis FCU: opens a membership account, receives their first mortgage loan within 90 days from opening the membership account. 

Who can become a member?

Employees of BSMH working in the SC/Greenville market. BSMH vendors’ employees in the SC/Greenville market with a permanent hospital issued badge. Immediate family member of a current St Francis FCU member. Immediate is defined by NCUA as follows: 1. spouse, 2. parents, 3. grandparents, 4. children, 5. grandchildren, 6. siblings, 7. step-parents, 8. step-grandparents, 9. step-children, 10. step-grandchildren, 11. step-siblings, 12. adoptive parents, 13. adoptive grandparents, 14. adoptive children, 15. adoptive grandchildren, 16. adoptive siblings, and 17. a person living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit.

You can find what is needed to join and our Membership Application here

How do you get the incentives?

Fill out the referral coupon (see link below and above). Give the person you are referring the coupon you filled out. You can print it and hand it to the person you are referring or save it as a PDF and email it to the person you are referring. The new member will need to provide the coupon to us when they are opening their membership account (in person, via email, or fax).

Incentives are disbursed via credit to your main savings/membership account at St Francis FCU within 180 days from the new member’s account opening if criteria listed above were met. Please keep your email, address and cell phone number up-to-date so that we can keep in touch with you.

Yours and the person you referred accounts must be in good standing from the date of the new (referred) membership account opening until time of payout defined as follows (all conditions must be met for payout): 1. no negative balance on account(s) exceeding 14 days, 2. no past due loans more than 14 days, 3. no charged off loans and/or accounts with balance owed, 4. account not currently in bankruptcy, and 5. open membership account. 

If you earn $600.00 or more within a calendar year, we will report the amount to the IRS form 1099 as required. 

What are the benefits for the referred person?

As our current member you are likely already aware of why you should refer St Francis FCU; however, here are some of the top reasons: we will waive the $5.00 membership fee for new members that will present the referral coupon mentioned above. New members will get access to a FREE credit enhancement session. Among our usual perks consider the following: access to lower rates on loans including credit cards, no minimum credit score required to qualify for loans (we use other qualifying factors), minimal requirements on debit cards, access to present and future promotions, immediate access to this referral promotion, almost all of our fees are avoidable, free secured online and mobile banking access, friendly and knowledgeable staff (no automated phone system), no long waiting lines or/and phone holds!

Referral Coupon

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